Warm Couscous Salad with Fish and Saffron Sauce

Chef Hélio Loureiro
In «Sabores de Hoje com Sugestões de Vinho Verde», Hélio Loureiro, Porto Editora, Porto, 2004

150 g couscous
200 ml chicken stock
200 ml olive oil
200 g sole or John Dory fillets
50 ml white wine
50 ml fish stock
4 cooked barrel-shaped carrots
Cooked barrel-shaped courgettes
Cooked barrel-shaped turnip
Diced green and red peppers
Black pepper
White butter sauce
Poach the fish in fish stock and white wine seasoned with salt and pepper, and keep warm.
Put the couscous into a container with the olive oil, chicken stock, salt and black pepper. Cover well with Clingfilm. Allow the couscous to cook for 20 minutes.
Place a ring on the plate (of the kind used to make rice cakes) and use it to mould the couscous. Sprinkle with a little diced peppers and arrange the cooked vegetables around.
Pour over a little white butter and saffron sauce and serve with the fish barely warm.

Serve with a vinho verde made with the Loureiro variety of grapes. The intense aroma of floral nuances in this variety together with a quite high acidity give it the perfect crispness to accompany this dish.

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