Diversity and Innovation Keep Vinho Verde Relevant
14 October 2021

"In a land where red varieties were once predominant, Vinho Verde, Portugal's largest demarcated wine region and one of the most extensive in Europe, is home to an array of white wines, from lightly fizzed selections to layered, ageworthy bottlings. They range in body from light and easy drinking to structured and complex.

High-end white wines from the region continue to showcase the quality and versatility of many of the local grape varieties, as well as varying vinification techniques such as skin-contact whites and aging in oak or clay. According to the Vinho Verde Viticulture Commission (CVRVV), premium bottlings (generally greater than $10 retail) represent around 20% of the region?s production. Roughly 14% of Vinho Verde wine bottled between January and July 2021 was labeled by subregion, a figure that?s been on the rise as additional attention and distinction are paid to the varying offerings and microclimates found within the region at large."


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